Monday, 30 August 2010

Wedding and Geisha atc's

Another 2 sets of atc's made for Ali's group, weddings and vintage geisha, I throughly enjoyed making these atc's,

Paris & Pierrot Atc's

These atc's below were made for swaps in Ali's Vintage Atc UK group, 6 Ladies of Paris and 6 Peirrot,

Recent Atc's traded on Flickr

Here are a few of the recent atc's that I have traded on Flickr, I enjoy trading on there as you get to pick which atc's you would like in return, the first 3 are made using torn napkin peices for the backgrounds, if only they were real notes as I have about 10 of each and each one has 8 prints on it :-)
some of the other backgrounds are made from torn papers, shimmer mists, shaving foam, and neo wax sticks


These 3 atc's were made for a swap on Atc's for All group, it was a case of making whatever you wanted but they had to have 3 of the same kind of thing on them, so this is what I did.