Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chakra Swap

One of the trading groups that I belong to is having a Chakra swap, Chakra's are believed to be energy centers in the human body, dating back to the ancient Indian healing system, there are seven of these centers placed at major areas down the body.

We were each given the chakra's Sanskrit name, the name of the place in the body where the chakra is found and the colour way for this, we are to make seven of our chakra's, which are 4 inches in diameter. when the hostess has them all back she will swap them out so that we get one each of the 7 different chakra's, mine will be made into a book.

The Sanskrit name of my chakra is Manipura, meaning Lustrous Gem, it is the third chakra, The Solar Plexus, the colour way is yellow's.

We could use another colour if needed. which is just as well as my Indian lady is stamped in brown, the background paper was white and gold so I coloured over this with yellow inks, to the right is scrunched up tissue paper, the raised area's of this is then embossed with pale yellow as are the stamped flowers on the left, the sun symbol is made from fimo, once the lady was stamped and cut out I used H2O's to colour her, she has pale yellow crystals for her head dress, accent beads at the bottom and shades of yellow beads to finish off. I am looking forward to the return of these although it will be a long wait as I am for once well in advance as these are not due until 15 June.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Letter B Alphabet Book Page

This is the 2nd book page that I have made for a swap in a yahoo group that I belong to, these are 4x4 pages and as you can see there is a very long way to go before the alphabet is finished,
The printed background paper was not the exact colour that I wanted so it has been lightly rubbed over with an ink pad, the pansies are cut from the top layer of a tissue, I used a spray adhesive for this as other glues or a glue stick would have just torn this very thin paper, the butterflies and bird are are shaped and raised up with decoupage sealant, the letter B was painted and then lightly sprayed with glitter, a mix of accent beads are in the center of the pansies, I do hope that the person that this is going to likes it !

Monday, 20 April 2009

King of Invention, Altered cabinet card

Have not posted anything on my blog for the last couple of weeks, had a lot going on here , then went away for a few days on the boat, fishing season is closed at the moment, but it was relaxing just to be away.
I will hopefully be back in the swing of things after tomorrow, got a few atc swaps to catch up on plus a 4x4 page to make, anyway thought that I would show you a cabinet card that I am altering, just a few more bits to go on it, I forgot to take a picture of this before working on it but it was very similar to the one shown below
This was great fun to do, so will be doing some more of them later in the week,

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ladies Free Images

So sorry that I have not posted any free images for a couple of weeks, had such a lot going on that I forgot to post them, anyway here are another 10 Lady images for you to use in your art work, I hope that you like them, don't forget to leave me a comment so that I know someone likes them !!!!!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Altered CD " Schooldays "

I am doing a altered cd swap with my sister in law Jen, as you can see from the picture it's in my favorite colours, shades of brown, I tend to be working more and more with these colours as you will see when I post the pictures of my paper bag book that is finally coming to the end, anyway the cd for Jen was great fun to make, I liked it so much that one of the pages in the book will be very similar.

The cd is covered with loads of torn text pages, coloured with ink pads then a layer of white gesso was applied, 3 holes were drilled for the cord and the hanging numbers at the bottom, the child image, the pens and the word schooldays were all stamped onto card and coloured, the letters and numbers are chipboard that I painted and then sprayed with a gold glitter, the numbers at the bottom are attached with jump rings, a piece of brown leather thong to finish. Jen has already seen a picture of this cd and says that she likes it, hope she means it !!!!!!

Laminate Necklace

In a yahoo group that I belong to we have a swap going on for a necklace made from a sample piece of laminate that you can get in DIY stores, I have never seen these samples here in the UK so the group owner Valerie sent me some from the USA, we are making one each to swap so I thought that I would show a picture of the one that I have made,

The background is variegated gold leaf, a cancelled Chinese postage stamp, 2 pieces of Chinese text, over stamped and coloured, 2 different metal charms, little rough chipping of green coloured plastic/glass, not really sure what these are,and a flat backed dragon that was a very bright gold which I coloured with alcohol inks then sanded over to tone the colour down, I hope that the person that gets this in the swap will like it !!!!