Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Chakra Swap

One of the trading groups that I belong to is having a Chakra swap, Chakra's are believed to be energy centers in the human body, dating back to the ancient Indian healing system, there are seven of these centers placed at major areas down the body.

We were each given the chakra's Sanskrit name, the name of the place in the body where the chakra is found and the colour way for this, we are to make seven of our chakra's, which are 4 inches in diameter. when the hostess has them all back she will swap them out so that we get one each of the 7 different chakra's, mine will be made into a book.

The Sanskrit name of my chakra is Manipura, meaning Lustrous Gem, it is the third chakra, The Solar Plexus, the colour way is yellow's.

We could use another colour if needed. which is just as well as my Indian lady is stamped in brown, the background paper was white and gold so I coloured over this with yellow inks, to the right is scrunched up tissue paper, the raised area's of this is then embossed with pale yellow as are the stamped flowers on the left, the sun symbol is made from fimo, once the lady was stamped and cut out I used H2O's to colour her, she has pale yellow crystals for her head dress, accent beads at the bottom and shades of yellow beads to finish off. I am looking forward to the return of these although it will be a long wait as I am for once well in advance as these are not due until 15 June.

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Jen said...

This is lovely. I have never heard of Chakra before and your write-up explaining it is really good.