Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Maybe Zetti ???????

Are they zetti or not ???????????

I am not sure what you would call these 2 book pages, are they zetti, ie because of the stripped legs, because they are weird, whoever saw birds like these ?
or are they just bright and colourful book pages,

Whatever the answer I Love them, they were great fun to make, they are 5 x 5 inch on water colour paper, both bird images, the individual letters and all of the border pieces on the left hand one are from Collage Anonymous on etsy, the borders on the other one are pieces from my paper stash and a couple that I made myself, I am so looking forward to making more of these pages,

If you have not seen these birds before then take a look at Donna's etsy shop where she has some fantastic download collage sheets, legs,arms, heads, borders etc.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Zetti Girls

Like most of us I have not had a chance to do much in the way of art work lately, with the lead up to Christmas and the New Years holiday, family staying for a few days plus being away a lot in the last month it has been pretty hectic at our house, things have now started to settle down so I took some playtime and have two new zetti book pages that are 7 x 5 to show you,

I love doing these but I really do need to make the effort to get back into the flow of things with my yahoo groups, I have joined some swaps so had better get on with making the atc's and decorated hands that will need to be posted to Ali shortly, anyway hope that you like the new pages.