Monday, 7 December 2009

Received mini journal pages

Here are the pictures front and back of the mini journal pages that I received, see last post,
I am so very pleased with all of them, I wanted "winged time" as my theme and each girl that sent me a page has done exactly what I wanted, so, many thanks to Ali, Sandra, Joni, Valerie, Diana and Treez, I love them all !!

from Ali
from Sandra

from Joni
from Valerie
from Diana

from Treez

Friday, 4 December 2009

Gingerbread men

In the same group as the previous post, Valerie sent us a book of 5 Christmas themed chipboard shaped pages, these had to be decorated and returned to her so that she can swap them between the players and either make them into a garland or for those of us that wanted they will be made into books, we will receive 5 different shapes in return, as you can see I worked on gingerbread men,

I thought that I had photographed all 5 pages before sending them back but when I came to download the camera I have only the 2 pictures shown below, never mind I am used to getting it wrong, lol

When I saw these gingerbread men I had absolutely no idea what I could do to decorate them, but out came my papers, inks, stamps, marvy pens, gold leaf, glitter, cord and bells, I was pleased with they way they came out but wish that I had the other photo's, I do hope that the girls will like these !!!!!

Oh no, I have just clicked on the pictures and see that they are blurred, so sorry about this,

House book page

This house book page and the charms were made for a swap on the Sum of all Crafts group, Valerie sent us the book page which we were free to decorate in any theme that we wanted, we also had to make 6 charms that will hang from the bottom of the page, we will receive a page and 6 different charms back, each charm from a different player, this has been a great swap to take part in, Thanks Valerie

Mini Journal Pages

These are the pictures from a mini journal page swap that I have taken part in, the pages are just 2. 3/4" by 1. 3/4", small, but fun to make, so thanks Treez for inviting me to be part of this swap, each participant selected their own theme for us to do, pictures show front and back of each one, I hope that everyone liked the page that I made for them,

Treasure Island for Treez

Bird song for Valerie

Sea shore for Joni

Zetti me for Diana

Vintage people for Ali

Cats for Sandra

Blog awards

Well it's certainly been a long time since I last posted anything on my blog or even looked at it or anything else online, due to being ill for the last few weeks,

Anyway I got such a lovely surprise when I saw today that I have been given blog awards, this is so fantastic, So, many many thanks go to Heather, Jilly and Leah for giving them to me, this has made my day !!!!! thank you all

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween Atc's

I took part in a halloween atc swap that Heather had organised through her blog,
Heather supplied the female images for us to use, these are in her freebie collection, anyway I made 2 atc's and these are the 2 that I received in return, I forgot to photgraph mine before sending them so I will have to wait until Heather adds all the witchy atc's that she received to her blog, maybe then I can copy the picture as I like to keep a record of everything that I make

Many thanks to Nancy Allen and Lindsay Mason for these lovely atc's

Cushion Cover, fabric squares

A while ago I posted that I was in a swap to make 9 fabric squares, the theme was ladies with wings, these were sent to Ali, who then swapped them with the other girls, but before sending them back out to us she very kindly made them into cushion covers , here is a picture of my cover, it is just beautiful, all I need to do now is make the cushion for the cover, as there were not enough players for this swap I have 2 of my own squares used in the cover, middle top and center row left, as it happens I am pleased about that because it will always be a reminder of what I had made.

Many thanks go to Ali, Treez, Susan and Jennie for their fantastic work and again to Ali for making such wonderful covers for us.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mixed Media Book Pages R/R

These are the 2 pages that I did for Gina's mixed media journal, her book is now in the USA being worked on by Sammye, I have yet to receive the next book, but as we are having postal strikes here in the UK it might be held up in the millions of parcel and letters that are yet to be delivered, I hope that it comes soon otherwise I will be running behind with this round robin,
I hope that Gina likes the pages that I have done for her.

Belly dancer's, Atc's

Before going away I joined another swap organised by Ali, we made 6 Atc's with Music and Dance as the theme, I chose belly dancers, below are the atc's that I made, these are now with Ali who is going to swap them and then make our returns into concertina books for us, Ali puts so much work into swaps for us, for which we are truly grateful,

More Zetti pages

Well its been a few weeks since I put anything on my blog, we have been away for 2 weeks on holiday, then when we came back we company for a couple of days and to top it off I then became ill, am on the mend now so thought that I should get up to date with things so here goes.

Below are some new zetti pages that I made while away, the first 5 are 5" x 7", the other one is 5" x 5", if you have never tried zetti's then you really should give it a try, they are so much fun to do, you can get all info needed, plus rubber stamps, collage sheets, see fantastic journal pages plus lots more at
I don't think that there is a right or wrong way to do them, as over time people do their own thing, I put words and phrases on mine rather than journaling but this way suits me, I just have FUN

The Zetti cups below were made for a group swap, Elena, in the USA kindly sent all participants a set of 6 Maya road chipboard cups to work on, Thank you so much Elena, we could pick our own theme so as you can see mine just had to be more zetti, these are now on their way back to Elena for her to swap out, can't wait to see what I will get back, when I downloaded the photo's I noticed that although I took 6 pictures, 2 were of the same 1 so I only have 5 images to show you, I really must pay more attention when taking pics,
I hope that the girls that receive these will like them ????????