Saturday, 31 October 2009

More Zetti pages

Well its been a few weeks since I put anything on my blog, we have been away for 2 weeks on holiday, then when we came back we company for a couple of days and to top it off I then became ill, am on the mend now so thought that I should get up to date with things so here goes.

Below are some new zetti pages that I made while away, the first 5 are 5" x 7", the other one is 5" x 5", if you have never tried zetti's then you really should give it a try, they are so much fun to do, you can get all info needed, plus rubber stamps, collage sheets, see fantastic journal pages plus lots more at
I don't think that there is a right or wrong way to do them, as over time people do their own thing, I put words and phrases on mine rather than journaling but this way suits me, I just have FUN

The Zetti cups below were made for a group swap, Elena, in the USA kindly sent all participants a set of 6 Maya road chipboard cups to work on, Thank you so much Elena, we could pick our own theme so as you can see mine just had to be more zetti, these are now on their way back to Elena for her to swap out, can't wait to see what I will get back, when I downloaded the photo's I noticed that although I took 6 pictures, 2 were of the same 1 so I only have 5 images to show you, I really must pay more attention when taking pics,
I hope that the girls that receive these will like them ????????

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Jen said...

Excellent Zetti pages and Zetti cups.