Friday, 28 November 2008

Gothic arch " Celebrate "

Here is my " Celebrate " gothic arch for this weeks challenge, it has a pale paper back ground that I stamped all over with a "cracked ice" stamp in sepia, I then painted the top and left hand side with 3 different metalic paints, this is over stamped with a flourish in Chestnut ink, the beautiful girl is from a free collage sheet at Digital Collage, I inked the word celebrate in black and then stamped into hot sealing wax, a little sheer ribbon and paper flower to finish !!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Pretty paper hearts,

This weeks theme on pretty paper hearts is to use Christmas colours of cream and white, I used a deep cream and gold back ground, white lace , 2 prints of vintage Christmas girls, paper holly and flat backed crystals in place of the berries in their hair, white braid on the front edge and cream lace behind this, the music paper is " O Christmas Tree ", I loved making this one !!!!!!

Make a Moo, Pets

This weeks moo challenge is "Pets", I thought it would make a change to make my moo in black and white, I am not really a cat person, I prefer dogs but I just love this picture, from Pennywise Arts, I hope that you like it !!!!!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

More Atc's arrive !!!!!!

More atc's have arrived from the wtax2 lottery on the atc world group that I belong to, I was lucky enough to win this month, its been fantastic to recieve all of these fabulous atc's, Many thanks to all of you that have made these atc's for
me !

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Pretty Paper Heart

This weeks challenge is to make our hearts using our favorite Christmas colours, I love mauve and silver together so these are the colours that I chose, I don't know if it's the flash from the camera but the silver is not showing up as well as it should, I have used background paper with torn mulberry paper, the pansies are raised decoupage, the little girl is from Lisa's Altered Art, I gave her a pair of wings from my stash, stamped and silver embossed patterns with inked edges to finish ! It's been another great theme, I hope that you like the heart that have made !

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

This weeks inchie & twinchie is " Cute "

Over on Nancy's inchie & twinchie challenge site the theme for this week is " Cute ", what a lovely idea !
My twinchie is made with pale pink paper which I stamped with little stars, then added torn mulberry paper, lace, a metal open heart, printed words, 2 tiny flat backed pinhead crystals, and a waistband of silk ribbon on the babies dress, this baby is from Lisa's Altered Art, I hope that you like her !!!!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

This weeks Moo challenge is " First Time"

The theme this week is "First Time ", the first time that you try something new, so for this weeks moo's I decided not to use any paper images for the first time. I used a canvas paper for the 1st time, which I painted black, I then used a selection of Duncans liquid pearl acrylics to dab colours onto the black canvas, (all of these colours have a hint of gold) this is the 1st time that I have used these in paper/canvas art, many years ago I cut and decorated real egg shells and this is what I used the paints for, I also laid a piece of sequin waste over the top of the paint and dabbed some more paint on to give some small circles, I then stamped over this with my new leaf stamps and embossed them with silver with silver edges to finish,
Sorry that the picture looks a bit gold I think its from the camera flash, this is the best picture that I can get, have tried about 14 times!!!!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Gothic arch " Silhouette "

I am determined to get ahead with my challenges this week, I have surprised myself by finishing my Gothic arch today instead of leaving things to the last minute, and then finding out that I am too late for the deadline, the theme for this week is " Silhouette ", which has been a great theme to work with, I stamped leaves onto the back ground along with the grasses and birds, the fairy, lamppost and bird were all stamped onto paper and then cut out and pasted into place, the edges are inked to finish off. I am happy with the way this has turned out !

Friday, 14 November 2008

My Twinchie for this week, Dog Friends

The theme this week on the inchies and twinches challenge site is "Dog Friends" so I made my twinchie using a picture of my 3 year old grandson Mason, with my 1 year old Jack Russell called Stumpy, they are true friends, they play together all of the time and Stumpy sits at the front door crying when Mason goes home, we got Stumpy from a rescue center about 6 months ago and we all love him to bits !!!

The wavy lines on the back ground of the twinchie were stamped with a stamp that I made myself, just out of scraps of children's funky foam glued to a piece of thick cork tile, it works very well, I never throw anything away :-)

I did not have a lot of time this week for making things, we are fitting a new bathroom, plus my AOL internet server is not working, its been a nightmare here, anyway I hope that you like my simple twinchie !

My " Buttons " Gothic Arch

Hi, well after making such a stupid mistake about what days things have to be posted in challenge sites by, I thought that I had better get my "Buttons" gothic arch posted today in case that goes wrong as well !

I had a great time making this arch, it's 5 1/2" tall which is the tallest I have made so far for the challenge site, the background is from a scrapbook paper, with inked edges, the pattern piece is stamped on tissue paper, the little buttons in the right hand corner are also stamped to tissue, the piece with the lady is taken from a dress pattern packet that is many, many years old. stamped words, lace, and the scissors are brads and of course the Buttons to finish off this arch.

I am very surprised at the brads that you can buy these days it seems to be anything and everything is turned in to a brad, which is great !

Make a Moo or Two " Paris "

This week I have made two moo's for the challenge site, I missed the deadline for last week, for some reason I thought I had already posted them, never mind old age comes to all of us :-)
The theme for this week is Paris, so I made one as a postcard and the other is of Brigitte Bardot, who was born in Paris on 28 September 1934
Both have inked backgrounds and are rubber stamped, the image of Brigitte is under mica, the word " Paris " is stamped on tissue paper.
Thank you for looking I hope that you like them !
Really, Really must get myself sorted out, I have missed the deadline again, I thought that I had until Friday to post the pictures on the site but it should be by Thursday, Friday is when the new theme is listed, Oh well !!!!

Even more Atc's for WTA x 2

Well its been another exciting day as even more atc's have arrived from the atc world group that I belong to, I have been so lucky in receiving some fantastic atc's, must say it would be wonderful to win this this lottery every month :-)
I have added pictures of all the new ones below, hope that you like them

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Lucky Me! I'm a Winner !!!!!!!

Last week I was a winner in an Atc yahoo group that I belong to, its called, Atc World, each month you can sign up to be part of a draw called WTA x 2, (winner takes all x 2), everyone that wants to participate signs up and at the end of the month 2 winners are drawn and they receive an Atc from each player, this month there was 36 sign ups, I am so excited to be one of the 2 winners, its like being a child again , Anyway I received my first atc's today, I am so pleased with them I thought that I would share them with you. the first one is from my co winner Gina, Thank you all so much, these are fantastic !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 8 November 2008

My first Pretty Paper Heart

Today I found a challenge site for making and showing decorated hearts, as I love to make hearts this for me is a great challenge site to join, you can make hearts in any medium that you like to work with,

The theme this week is "Party" so mine is made with papers on card, left hand side is stamped then overlayed with organdie, top right is needle felted organdie the picture of the smiling girl is stamped onto cotton and machine sewn into place, there is a little stamped star that says Party, braid and fibres to finish it.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Halloween Twinchie

Here is a picture of the Halloween twinchie that I have made for this weeks theme at the small world of inchies & twinchies challenge site, I hope that you like it, later in the week I am going to try my hand at inchies, mind you I am not sure that I will be able to cut anything out of paper with it being so small, I have made inches before with mixed media but not paper, will have to see how they turn out.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Vintage Children for the Gothic arch challenge

Well today I have tried something new, well it's new for me, I have done my gothic arch challenge piece on canvas, I bought this especially for this arch, which I have thoroughly enjoyed making, I used a mix of 3 different coloured acrylic paints, ended up getting myself in a right mess, there was paint everywhere, still I suppose that is part of the fun ! once the paint was dry I stamped it with floral flourishes, the piece of printed paper at the top comes from a reprint book called " The School of Manners or Rules for Childrens Behaviour " which was first printed in 1701 and the original book is in the library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, its a great little book, certainly comes from the days that children were to be seen and not heard, the spelling was confusing when I first read it as they seem to have written some of the S 's in the shape of an f, still it was very interesting.
I also added cut out paper roses and lace, the picture of the children is from my collection which I printed onto photo paper, the printed paper at the bottom is from a book called " The Ode to Life "" this is a damaged first edition book that I got in a second hand shop for 20pence, someone has written inside the front cover, Easter Tide 1880 and signed it, this was published in the mid 1870s, I just love a bargain!
The second picture shows the inside page of this great little book