Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Maybe Zetti ???????

Are they zetti or not ???????????

I am not sure what you would call these 2 book pages, are they zetti, ie because of the stripped legs, because they are weird, whoever saw birds like these ?
or are they just bright and colourful book pages,

Whatever the answer I Love them, they were great fun to make, they are 5 x 5 inch on water colour paper, both bird images, the individual letters and all of the border pieces on the left hand one are from Collage Anonymous on etsy, the borders on the other one are pieces from my paper stash and a couple that I made myself, I am so looking forward to making more of these pages,

If you have not seen these birds before then take a look at Donna's etsy shop where she has some fantastic download collage sheets, legs,arms, heads, borders etc.


Donna said...

They look great :) Wonderfully bright and fun.
So glad you enjoyed 'playing' with the birds :)

Jen said...

Lovely colourful Zetti pages.

Juliet A said...

These look very zetti, but I think to be more zetti you need more words.

That doesn't mean that I think these pages need more words, I just think that zetti by definition has every open spot filled with words. Do you want to be zetti, or do you like your own artistic style?

Julie Ranae said...

Beautiful work! So glad I came by.

Have you been to my friend Sarah's blog at The Art of Moodling? She teaches art journaling and always has an appreciation for what others are doing.

Suze said...

Hi Juliet
thanks for your comments, I have been thinking about what you said regarding this passage

* I just think that zetti by definition has every open spot filled with words *

I was under the impression that to fill every open spot with words turned it into a journal page regardless of the images used, I think that I need to look at Teesha' site again to get a better idea, anyway thank you for taking the time to leave me your thoughts on this
BTW love your blog !!!!

Juliet A said...

I think you are right, I don't really know as much about zetti as I thought. I definitely have the look down, and your pages don't need anything else, IMHO.