Saturday, 3 April 2010

Fun with zetti

The first 2 are done on 7 x 5 watercolour paper, all the images used on these 2 were from Crowabout collage sheets on etsy, Nancy has some great zetti
style and border digi sheets on her site, the backgrounds and the top border on the 2nd one are painted, I also used handmade stamps, inks, gell pens, white poster paint pen, rubber stamp, acrylic paints etc

The jigsaw pieces were from a bargain buy at the local charity shop, a huge floor puzzle, still boxed and complete for just £2.50, it's going to last me a very long time :-) this was made for a friend in the USA, sorry that this picture is a bit blurry but it went postal before I noticed, so this is the only copy that I have.


Jen said...

I really love your Zetti pieces Suze,They are nice and bright and colourful.

Mandy C said...

gorgeous zetti suze. thanks for your comment on my mess! lol i think that no matter how big a space i would still end up with an atc size space to work on!