Friday, 24 October 2008

Holiday and Atc's

It's been a few weeks since I have posted on my blog as I have been on holiday, hubby and I had a great time on our boat cruising along the rivers that make up the Norfolk Broads, it is so very peaceful there at this time of the year, not many hire boats out and about as its the end of the peek season, just the two of us with our dog, Stumpy, completely relaxed, no hurry to get anywhere, so peaceful you could hear the birds singing, plus beautiful scenery, we covered 140 miles of river ways, mooring overnight anywhere we wanted, What more could you ask for, it's a great life ! ! ! Because of hubbies shift patterns we are lucky enough to go there every 12 days, spending 9 days on the boat, this time was longer as he had some days owing to him from work, our boat is called " Tinkerbelle " named after our daughter, her name is Anita but hubby has always called her Tinkerbelle, Here's a picture,

I took along my paper craft bits and bobs as I needed to make 2 lots of atc's for a swap in the atc world group, it certainly kept me busy, I had to do 7 father Christmas plus 25 Christmas atc's for an advent swap, did these ones as carol singers, luckily these could all be the same/similar as there are plenty of players for this last swap, think the number is reaching the 40 mark, will be great for the hostess if it reaches 50, the idea is that we all get 25 sealed cards back before Christmas, and open one each day, just as you do with an advent calendar. This has been great fun, here's a couple of pictures of them, as you can see I have made the santa atc as a tag shape
I really hope that everyone that receive's these atc's will be pleased with them ?

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