Friday, 31 October 2008

Halloween Atc's

Happy Halloween !!!!!!!!

I hope that everyone that celebrates Halloween is having a great time, it's gone 7pm here in the UK and I have still not had any children come knocking on the door, what on earth am I to do with all the goodies/sweets that I bought for tonight ? even my 3 young grandchildren will not be coming to our house as they have gone off to a Halloween party, Oh well, think we had better eat everything ourselves.LOL

Anyway today I went to the local DIY shop and came home with some wallpaper samples, I wanted to give them a try for background papers, I am so pleased with the way 2 of them have turned out, I used them for Halloween atc's, pictures below, after sticking the wallpaper to card I painted them with water colour paints, as they have an embossed pattern on them I only painted the flat areas, when this was dry with the help of a heat gun, I used rubber stamping ink pads over the top of them so that the raised/embossed areas had a contrasting colour, as I wanted to see the background of these atc's I have not used many pictures on them, I just love the the effect of these backgrounds, will be using the wallpaper again !

I also thought that I would show you a few Halloween atc's that my 10 year old grandaughter made last year, you are never to young to start making atc's ! Well done Demi xxxxx

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Jen said...

I love your Halloween ATCs, your background is great, going to have to try that myself.
Demi's ATCs are excellent too.