Thursday, 26 March 2009

Complex Backgrounds, A link to a tutorial by Karen

I have been having great fun making backgrounds for atc's, it all started when I came across a blog that I had not seen before, it's called Art in the Garage, ( just click on it in my favorite blogs section to go straight there) Karen has a tutorial called Complex Backgrounds, it is fully explained and with lots of step by step pictures, you only require a cereal box, paints, text papers and a couple of rubber stamps and ink, plus your normal glue's etc.

Below are the pictures of the covered box and the cut atc backgrounds, all ready to be worked on, images words etc, This was just so easy to make, Thank You Karen for this tutorial.

I got 25 background atc's, from just one box, but of course you can cut them to any size that you want, keeping any left over strips for inches, twinches, moo's etc, later today I will be making some more in different colours, I knew that all my paints would come in handy one day !!!!!!!

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Juliet A said...

These came out beautifully!