Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Christmas Advent Atc Swap

Back in November I joined in with a Christmas Advent Swap held at the Atc World Group that I belong to, every player had to make 25 Christmas atc's, put them into little envelopes, and send them back to the hostess Amanda for her to swap out, what a huge job that must have been, the last I heard she had over 65 players, anyway she did a great job getting them all back out to the players before 1st December, that way we all had our own "advent calender" to enjoy, opening a different envelope each day leading up to Christmas, we could make all our atc's identical if wished, as nobody was getting 2 from any one player, that was a great help as I don't think that I could have made 25 different Christmas atc's, Below is a double picture of the one that I made, and below that are the pictures of the ones that I received,Thank you to everyone that took part in this swap, and special thanks to Amanda for all of her hard work.

The ones that I made were done with a printed background paper and overlayed with angel hair, (webbed fibres) plus torn mulberry paper, the carol singers were stamped onto paper and coloured in with marvy pens, gold embossed snow flakes and gold leaf pen on the edges to finish them off.

Once again Thank you everyone !!!!!!!!


Lorri said...

Hi, in the 'edit post' section do you just need to remove blank lines? Just hit the backspace perhaps... I'm not really sure, but hope to have helped.. xo

Suze said...

Many thanks Lorri
have tried to do this but it did not work, Oh welll !!!!